Otter Bust

The otter has always been one of my favorite animals. The playfulness, the curiosity, energy and vitality of the otter has always appealed to me. The otter is equally at home in the water or on land. I sculpted this piece to show the otter poking its head up after a dive, looking around as it swims on the surface before it is off.

Otter Bust Study is cast bronze with a traditional brown patina. I have created it to be displayed without a base although a stone base piece can be added as desired.
  • Otter Bust in BronzeOtter Bust in Bronze
  • Otter Study Bust Bronze Sculpture
Otter Bust in Bronze1 Otter Study Bust Bronze Sculpture2

Medium – Cast bronze
Dimensions - 12"H X 5”W X 5”D
Cast Bronze Open Edition • Price $850