Big Standing Otter

Large Standing Otter was created as a sculpture commission for a local conservation organization in Oxford, Ohio. The sculpture is approximately five feet long from head to tail.
This sculpture captures the boundless curiosity and energy of the otter.

“Large Standing Otter” can be displayed separately but was created as part of a set. The other sculpture that it is displayed with is the Sculpture, “Large Resting Otter”.
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  • Large Standing Otter sculpture
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Medium – Cast Bronze
Dimensions - 5' H x 1' D
Cast Bronze Edition of 20 • Price $11,600
Price for Otter Pair $21,000

The Otter Pair is of one standing and alert and one resting and prone. The two individual sculptures create a larger whole with the Curvature of the standing otter wrapping around and embracing the curve of the prone otter. The prone otter continues this curvature. Both are oriented and focused in the same direction thus further binding the two sculptures together into a larger composite artwork.

Otters are really fun animals; they seem so playful and comfortable in their niche.  They are energetic, intelligent and curious.  As part of my research into otters before and during the sculpting of this artwork I traveled to Yellowstone where I viewed and purchased the production, Season of the Otter.   I observed and filmed otters at the Cincinnati Zoological Park and Arboretum as well as reading various books and articles about the habits, behavior and appearance of various otter species.   

I have completed three otter sculptures to date, one small tabletop sized bust and two larger pieces.  The two large sculptures were a commission I took on for a local conservation organization in Oxford, Ohio.  Each is approximately five feet long from head to tail.  They can be displayed individually although they were conceived of as a pair with the prone otter and the curve of its body matching the subtle curve of the standing otter’s tail. 

The boundless energy of otters may have them resting comfortably one minute, seemingly oblivious to the world around them and in the next a small sound or distant movement will startle them into wakefulness.  At that point they jump up, awake and alert.  Now aroused they may pause for a moment before they jump to their feet and run off or dive in to investigate what attracted their attention.  This sculpture is showing one of these moments, right before they roll back over to doze in the sun or bound off to sate their curiosity and instinct for play.