Large Resting Otter

“Large Resting Otter” was created as part of a commission for an Oxford, Ohio conservation organization. As I researched otters before creating this piece I observed that otters are always on the move. Except when they are not. “Large Resting Otter” represents the moments when the otter is taking a little time off from its busy day.

This sculpture is approximately five feet in length. It can be displayed separately or as part of a set along with the sculpture “Large Standing Otter”
  • Large Resting Otter SculptureLarge Resting Otter Sculpture
  • Large Otter Pair Sculptures
  • Large Resting Otter Sculpture - bronzeLarge Resting Otter Sculpture - bronze
  • Large Resting Otter Sculpture close upLarge Resting Otter Sculpture close up
Large Resting Otter Sculpture1 Large Otter Pair Sculptures2 Large Resting Otter Sculpture - bronze3 Large Resting Otter Sculpture close up4

Medium – Cast Bronze
Dimensions - 5' W x 1' D
Cast Bronze Edition of 20 • Price $11,600
Price for Otter Pair $21,000

The Otter Pair is of one standing and alert and one resting and prone. The two individual sculptures create a larger whole with the Curvature of the standing otter wrapping around and embracing the curve of the prone otter. The prone otter continues this curvature. Both are oriented and focused in the same direction thus further binding the two sculptures together into a larger composite artwork.