Bolt from the Blue

This is a sculpture of a large winged dragon with its muscles tensed and its wings unfurled. It is coming out of a steep dive as its wings prepare for a powerful down stroke to propel it forward. This is one of my personal favorites. This sculpture is imbued with a great deal of vitality and presence. It is full of energy, life and strength. It was very enjoyable to do this piece. I can almost see it swooping down out of the clouds, skimming low over jagged peaks.
  • Bronze Sculpture Large Winged DragonBolt-from-the-Blue-large-winged-dragon-bronze sculpture-on-alabaster-base
  • Bolt From the Blue Bronze SculptureBolt-From-the-Blue-large-winged-dragon-on-alabaster-base-bronze sculpture
  •  Bolt from the BlueBolt-form-the-Blue-large-winged-dragon-on-alabaster-base
  • Bolt From the Blue Bronze Sculpture of DragonBolt From the Blue Bronze Sculpture of Dragon
Bronze Sculpture Large Winged Dragon1 Bolt From the Blue Bronze Sculpture2  Bolt from the Blue3 Bolt From the Blue Bronze Sculpture of Dragon4

Medium – Cast bronze on a base of rose colored carved alabaster
Dimensions – 32”H x 42”W x 22”D with the base adding about 32 more inches to the height
Limited edition of 15 • Price $6,400

I have always been fascinated by dragon and have been drawing and sculpting them since I was a child. My first ones were out of play dough and modeling clay. The very first bronze sculpture I created was a dragon called the “Sentinel”. “Bolt from the Blue” is my largest dragon sculpture to date although plans are in the works for several other dragon sculpture to come. “Bolt from the Blue” won Best in Show at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia 2003.