Herrmann Studio

James Herrmann, bronze sculpture artist

Bringing life to bronze.
Not Just a phrase, but a way of creating art, James Herrmann has been embracing this artistic creado all of his life.
Enjoy and be captivated.
  • Hatchling Turtle cast bronze sculptureHatchling Turtle cast bronze sculpture art
  • Megaloden Tooth Bronze SculptureMegaloden Tooth
  • Mother Dragon and EggMother Dragon and Egg -cast bronze sculpture on pink marble base
  • American FoxhoundAmerican Foxhound Bronze Art
  • Ammonite Shellcast bronze polished blue alabaster baseAmmonite Shellcast bronze sculpture art polished blue alabaster base
Hatchling Turtle cast bronze sculpture1 Megaloden Tooth Bronze Sculpture2 Mother Dragon and Egg3 American Foxhound4 Ammonite Shellcast bronze polished blue alabaster base5

The subject matter reflects Jame's interest and love of science , fantasy, mythology and wildlife. Using his knowledge of anatomy and animal movement to breathe life into the bronzes. James hopes viewers of his sculptures of prehistoric animals or of works of complete fantasy, find them to be as full of life as his sculptures of creatures alive today. In all cases, he makes his art dynamic by capturing a moment in time, the wonder, the energy and the vitality of life.